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Case Study: Meinhardt and Seiko (Singapore)

Case Study: Meinhardt and Seiko (Singapore)

Posted on 9/06/2017

Meinhardt Facade Technology and Seiko Architectural Wall, Singapore

Giesse is poised for its quality, innovation design and solutions.  It is our pride and joy to share with you a new healthcare project installed with Giesse hardware.  

                                                                  Project: Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI)                                                                                                                                        Tan Tock Seng Hospital (Singapore)



The BRIO Plus recessed handle was installed into 1,100 windows at the CHI because of BRIO's unique coupling kit solution that allows it to fit into any aluminium sliding window.  This eliminates the need of any amendment to the aluminium profile, thus saving time and cost for the fabrictor/client.  The coupling kit has several nib options for the fabrictor to choose from.  

The Giesse BRIO Plus handle is highly flexible, it is reversible with the possibility of manual operation (for doors) or automatic operation (for windows), to enable side locking of sliding sashes.  The polyamide slider has two green and red surfaces, indicating sash Open and Closed positions.

It comes with or without a key in (recessed) embedded, internal and external pull variations.

The BRIO Plus handle is fitted with a burglar-proof system and is equipped with an anti-lifting system that increases the security of the window.  It is available in single or multipoint locking systems.

The Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI), Singapore is a medical hub to enable better response to the increasing complexities in acute and primary care settings.  It is pivotal to ensure a constant and close alignment of healthcare needs of the people in the community.  It improves knowledge, techniques and development.  It provides continuous professional education and reaccreditation to undergraduates and graduates.   

The consultant was world leading Meinhardt Facade Technology and their teams specialising in facade design, engineering, materials specification, testing, facade construction and maintenance.

The fabricator was Seiko Architectural Wall, an external facade system specialist.  Seiko have a design and engineering resource centre, they also provide glass and aluminium installations.  These companies practice quality, environmental sustainability and high levels of occupational health and safety. 


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