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Foam-Tite proves high success in a short space of time

Foam-Tite proves high success in a short space of time

Posted on 4/03/2016

It is exciting when designers have the opportunity to build enhanced sealing performance into their new window and door profiles. Jim Johnson the General Manager of Schlegel Australasia says "Foam-Tite is a leading weatherseal in North America because it provides optimum solutions to any application." Jim is elated with the results and believes it will continue to grow because it is the future.

Foam-Tite protects against the most extreme weather conditions and supports improvements in energy savings.  The closed cell foam profile remains flexible through thousands of compressions to ensure recovery, long life and cost efficiency.

It eliminates air, light, water and sound infiltration.  Water cannot penetrate the foam cell structure.  The nominal value of thermal conductivity is 0.067 W/m.K. The extruded skin provides a unique UV resistant barrier.

Schlegel have taken care with every aspect to ensure designers are highly satisfied.  It is fully customisable to meet the needs of each application, even in colour and can be shaped.

It is suitable for aluminium, steel, PVC and timber frames in a range of surface options.  It has three carrier styles - T-slot, Pocket-slot and Kerf-slot.  It is available with low friction Clad FT jacketing features.

Please click this image for technical specifications and see the brochure below for more information.


                                     foam-tite-air-water-sound-name---1457077549.jpg                foam-tite-view-larger-original-2---1457077699.jpg


Schlegel have other new high performing products: the Super Boost 230 spiral sash balance and the Amesbury Truth Encore Lockable.  The Super Boost is a genius design all round and has high appeal with manufacturers and designers.  Please see brochures below for more information.


                                      super-boost-50-years---1457077818.jpg            truth-lockable-at-logo---1457077866.jpg


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