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Schlegel has a long history of innovation in response to our customers' needs. In the 1880s we produced "surrey fringe" for horse drawn buggies. When the automobile replaced the buggy, Schlegel supplied high quality woven interior trim for car manufacturers. During the Second World War production was switched to critical defence work.

Today our product range now includes pile weatherstripping and plastic profiles, begun in the 1940s for the building industry. A continuous molded urethane process for foam weatherstripping was added in the 1960s. Reliability, flexibility, and versatility characterise the variety of products available from Schlegel for the transportation industry. We use our textile, plastics and foam technologies to weave, form and manufacture a wide variety of components.

Other innovations by Schlegel include:

  • Weldable Q-LON® - the only co-extruded foam seal
  • A Teflon fabric used to clean toner from copier drums without damaging their selenium coating
  • Brushes and static control devices for copiers
  • Spray suppressant skirting system for the transportation industry works effectively to minimize road water spray

Most Importantly, Schlegel is a true partner to our customers, leveraging innovation, technology and service to deliver top-quality solutions, on time, at the best price.

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