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Giesse GOS energy rating Euro Groove System and Hardware

Posted on 12/01/2017

Giesse open source (GOS) is a superb quality complete double and triple glazing system for the new ANZ energy ratings. We provide the know how, hardware and seals, our partners do the profile.  Step ahead with Schlegel we've turned the right decision into the easy decision.  Get the whole double glazing system for the new energy ratings or just the hardware.  

Single glazing loses 50% more heating and cooling compared to double glazing.  There are also advantages of reducing unwanted temperatures entering the home with double glazing (for example heat from the sun); the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) is lower than single glazing.  Double glazing is more cost efficient, eco friendly and sustainable.  Schlegel seal will boost thermal efficiency, weatherproofing and acoustic performance even further.

Please click here for technical brochures:  

                                       gos-web-cover-u0347001-gos-catalogue-1---1486435182.jpg             giesse-gos-cover.jpg              giess-gos-cover.jpg       


Please contact your Schlegel representative for Giesse Hardware. 


                               giesse-gs3000lift-slide-pulley-smaller.jpg           giesse-prima-cremone-awa-sep-ad---1484880800.jpg            giesse-tilt---turn-futura.jpg   

                                                                    GS3000                                                      Prima Handle                                             Futura Tilt & Turn      


Italian design, European Eurogroove, it doesn't get better than that. 


Energy ratings information

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                          New Zealand                                              National Construction Code (NCC)


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