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Schlegel Spray Suppressant

Schlegel Spray Suppressant

Posted on 25/02/2016

Schlegel Spray Suppressants deter unwanted substances away from truck bodies, side view mirrors, wheels, beneath trucks and from other vehicles.  It is proven they improve safety, keep trucks cleaner and aid maintenance.  The brush systems are very high quality, attractive and Australian made.  The thoughtful design makes installation easy.

Schlegel have a range of brushes for a variety of other purposes including roller doors, internal and external doors and technological applications.  Schlegel supply flame repellent brush.

Schlegel factories are accredited to International Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001.  We provide the best products worldwide that are durable and cost efficient. 

Please see the brochure below for codes and measurements.


     brush-1272837.whte-biggr-brush-take-2.jpg    brush-coil-take-2.jpg    brush-arch-take-2.jpg     

     ssbs-white-truck-1.jpg    brush-options-1.jpg    img-2921---1456713625.jpg


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