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Cookie policy

Cookie Policy

In addition to the provisions in the Privacy Policy, the Data Controller, Giesse SpA, with registered office in Via Tubertini 1 – 40054 Budrio (BO) Italy, VAT N. 00581811205 (the “Company”), hereby informs users about the use of cookies on (the "Site").

Cookies are small text strings that the Site sends to the user's terminal where they are stored before being retransmitted to the Site when the user visits it the next time. There are first-party cookies (placed directly by the Company) and third-party cookies. Cookies are useful because they allow the Site to recognize the users' device and allow them to browse pages, remembering their preferences and improving the user experience. They can also be used to deliver targeted advertising based on the user's interests.
As a general rule, all cookies may be blocked, however, this would have an impact on the usability of the Site. Cookie settings can be changed on all the latest browsers. These settings can normally be found in the browser menu, under "Options" or "Preferences". To find out how to manage settings, you may follow the instructions below:

Internet Explorer: click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the window and select “Internet Options” from the menu. In the next window, select the "Privacy" tab and click on the "Advanced" button. Uncheck the "Override automatic cookie handling" box.
Google Chrome: click on the “Menu” icon in the top right corner (the three horizontal lines) and select “Settings” from the menu. In the window that then opens, first click on "Show Advanced Settings", then on "Content Settings". In the Cookies tab, uncheck the "Allow local data to be set" box and make sure the "Block all third-party cookies and site data" option is selected. To deactivate cookies in Chrome for Android, click on the "Menu" icon (the three horizontal lines in the top right corner) and select "Settings" from the menu. In the window that then opens, click on "Website Settings and Cookies", turn OFF the "Cookies" slider and make sure the "Allow third-party cookies" box is not selected.
Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan): click on the "Menu" icon (the three horizontal dots in the top right corner) and select "Settings" from the menu. After that, scroll down to the "Cookies" drop-down menu and deselect "Do not block cookies".
Mozilla Firefox: click on the "Menu" icon (the three horizontal lines in the top right corner) and select "Options/Preferences" from the menu. On the next screen, select the "Privacy" tab, open the "History Settings" drop-down menu and select "Use custom settings". Uncheck the "Accept cookies from sites" box and make sure that the "Accept third-party cookies" menu is set to "Never". To obtain the same result on Android, click on the "Menu" icon (the three horizontal dots in the top right corner) and select "Settings" from the menu. On the next screen, select "Privacy", then go to "Cookies" and uncheck the "Activate" option.
Apple Safari: go to the application's “Preferences”; in the next window, select “Privacy” and uncheck “Allow from websites I visit”. On iPhones and iPads, you can obtain the same result by going to “Settings” in iOS (the gear icon on the home page): select Safari from the menu and go to the “Block cookies” section. Then deselect “Allow from websites I visit”.

For information on how to manage cookie settings in other browsers, please see the help files online. Should you require further assistance, we suggest visiting your browser's "Help" section following the links below:
Mozilla Firefox:
Internet Explorer:
Google Chrome:
Safari 6/7 Mavericks:
Safari 8 Yosemite:
Safari iPhone, iPad o iPod touch:

In compliance with the regulation issued by the Authority for the protection of personal data, "Identification of simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies", published on June 3 2014, consent to the use of cookies may be provided by using a simplified procedure – thanks to a cookie consent banner with a short version of the policy – i.e.: (i) scrolling down on any page of the Site, (ii) clicking on any link on any page of the Site, (iii) clicking on "OK" or on the "X" button on the banner displaying the short version of the cookie policy

The Site uses the following essential cookies, which are necessary for the functionality of the Site itself:
-  ci_session
- BC_CMS_SESS & schlegelregion

These are both PHP session cookies and are used to enable certain functions of the site including navigation, log in and user authentication.

The Site also uses statistical cookies (so-called analytics) set by Google, the types of cookie are:
_utma: identifies each individual browser that visits a page on our website with a unique ID. Subsequent visits to the site via the same browser are recorded as belonging to the same visitor. Note: If two different people sharing the same browser and computer account access the site, their visit is recorded with only one unique ID.
_utmb, _utmc: used to establish and continue the user session on the site.
_utmz: stores the referral used by the user, e.g. if you have visited the site directly or have reached it via a link (advertising campaign, search engine, etc.).

With regard to these cookies, more information can be found following this link: Cookie settings can be managed by following this link:
The Site also uses the video sharing channel YouTube, more information regarding these cookies can be found following this link:

Additionally, the Site uses a Linkedin tracking code (Linkedin Insight Tag) to enable in-depth campaign reporting and obtain valuable insights about our Site visitors. The LinkedIn Insight Tag is used to track conversions, retarget Site visitors, and unlock additional insights about Linkedin members interacting with our ads on Linkedin. Here you will find additional information on the Linkedin Insight Tag and here you will find how to manage Linkedin cookies

For any other information please refer to the privacy policy.

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