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Case Study: BFK (Siberia)

Case Study: BFK (Siberia)

Posted on 8/12/2016

BFK, Novosibirsk, Siberia


BFK produce windows from VEKA PVC profiles and have specified Schlegel Q-Lon PU foam seals QL 4465 and QL 9756 as sash and frame seals.

BFK windows have been installed in apartments in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, about 4,000 km to the East of Moscow, where winter temperatures are between -20 and -50 ºC.

BFK explained:

" Compared with other sealing types, Schlegel Q-Lon seals remain flexible and therefore perform better, especially in the winter period. This was confirmed by tests at the BFK laboratory. Q-Lon seal QL 9756 was especially developed in coordination with the BFK engineering team.” 

Fitted into PVC profiles, the special Schlegel PU foam formula provides a long lasting compression set recovery, also in an extremely cold climate. Q-Lon PU foam seals are manufactured to meet the challenging requirements of Rosstandart (conformity certificate POCC DE.CЛ16.HO1628) and other international standards. Schlegel use a quality management system registered and certified to norm ISO 9001:2008.



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