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Case Study: Q-Lon & Poly-Bond (Netherlands)

Case Study: Q-Lon & Poly-Bond (Netherlands)

Posted on 16/10/2015

Metaglas, Netherlands


Metaglas has been at the cutting edge of innovative metal and glass façade elements, together with interior design solutions, for 40 years already. Their products are suitable for new builds and renovations, and all products are fully customised.

Metaglas has considerable experience in fitting two types of Schlegel brush seals in their windows and doors with great success. Poly-Bond is a universal brush pile seal for sealing gaps. Fin-Seal is used for improved draught protection. A weather resistant centre fin in the brush prevents additional heat loss.

Metaglas :

“ Each product is developed, produced and assembled by us. Maximum transparency is the starting point. For that reason, our windows, doors and glass structures are equipped with the slimmest possible profiles. Because of the increasingly high demands on weather resistance we use Schlegel products, including Q-Lon, for optimal sealing. This allows us to offer our customers sliding solutions that are highly wind and watertight.”

Poly-Bond and Fin-Seal brush seals are suitable for installation in a T-Slot and are available in several widths and heights for all kinds of interior and exterior applications. Q-Lon foam seals can be used for improved performance. There is a broad standard range of Q-Lon foam seals available for use in aluminium and PVCu profiles. Visit the Schlegel website for these or contact Schlegel for customised solutions.



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