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Product development: self-locking Springback for T-slots

Product development: self-locking Springback for T-slots

Posted on 11/06/2015

Self-locking Springback brush pile weatherseals for T-slots

Millions of meters of Poly-Bond brush pile seals are processed each year in aluminium and PVC frames. A common way to prevent the seal from sliding in the T-slots during fabrication or transport is to punch notches in the frame. This causes extra time and scrap, it affects the frame and most importantly: it does not allow a seal to be exchanged, either in the factory or after fabrication into a door or window. With Springback, Schlegel now offer a custom made solution with a self-locking extruded base which enables manual or automatic insertion from the top into the frame and flexible replacement.

Our solution Springback is rolled into the T-Slot of the frame and the curvature of the flexible extruded foot creates a self-locking fit against the top of the T-slot.

Features and benefits:

  • Custom-made extruded base for a perfect fit into a specific profile
  • Pile density, height, colour, packaging and further according to specification
  • Suitable for manual or automatic insertion from top into the frame
  • Profiles can be cut with integrated self-locking brush pile seal
  • No notches in frames to improve the visual aspect
  • Less cost over reduction of labour and scrap
  • Pile exactly on centre
  • If needed, easy replacement in manufacturing or on site


The often unique nature of many windows and doors make it virtually impossible to offer a standard range for this application. Our Product Development Engineers are available to liaise with you to design unique specific solutions for your applications.

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