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The power of the Schlegel brand extends across Central & Southern America and many territories in the rest of the World, known as a quality supplier of window and door components. Whilst majoring on the offer of sealing systems, Schlegel International also offers selected hardware products to both distributors and fabricators.

With manufacturing plants around the World, the company is in a position to serve local markets with high quality products and exemplary customer service under both the Schlegel and Linear brands.

The Schlegel seal range includes foam weatherseals, pile weatherseals and extruded seals. Whatever the application there is a product in the Schlegel range to suit. Aluminium, PVCu and timber framed doors and windows are accommodated with specifically designed products for each sector. Pile weatherseals, including the high performance Bi Fin and Quadra Fin are the choice for sliding products while the world renowned Q-Lon foam technology seals provide air and weather tightness in casement operations.

The design of extruded seals is becoming ever more inventive as door and window framing profiles evolve to meet the needs of today. Thermal efficiency, acoustic performance and reduced air leakage are all critical in products designed for modern living.

The Schlegel pile and brush technology is also utilised to offer products for a variety of uses in industrial applications. These include anti-static products in the copier and cash handling sectors.

In addition to the extensive seal range, Schlegel offers locks, handles and hinges, including the Fab & Fix perfectly matched decorative hardware, in a number of countries. As always, the Schlegel products give the window and door fabricator high performance, high quality and unbeatable aesthetics.

For further information about our range, contact our Schlegel International sales office in Brazil.

In addition to South America we have offices in Singapore, Australia and across Europe.  These locations give the company the opportunity to service the growing markets of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Indian Sub-Continent, as well as the more established markets of Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  Schlegel supply and distribute a wide range of sealing solutions and hardware components, including locks, handles, hinges and friction stays, in all these markets.

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