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Case Study : Q-Lon (Germany)

Case Study : Q-Lon (Germany)

Posted on 12/01/2015

Schreinerei Wundlechner, Germany

Wundlechner have specified Schlegel Q-Lon seals since 1991, utilising over 40,000 metres of QL 3053, QL 3054 and QL 3070 per year in the production of their windows.

Wundlechner build and maintain windows, doors and conservatories in various designs, optical styles, colours and shapes all utilising the superior performance of the Schlegel Q-Lon seal.

Franz Wundlechner explained:
”Since 1991 we buy the Schlegel seals, because of their longevity and excellent noise reduction properties. For the long term they have good heat insulation in the rebate and overlap area, still after decades. With Schlegel Q-Lon foam seals, better insulation values are achieved than with regular seals. We apply them in new windows, entry doors and conservatories and use them for renovation of windows up to 40 years old. Our customers are very enthusiastic about the Schlegel seals.”

Leaking windows can be true energy wasters. A saving of up to 30% of the annual heating costs can be made if you seal leaky windows and avoid drafts. Wundlechner uses this to their advantage in their window refurbishment side of the business, ensuring old energy consuming windows are brought right up to date.



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