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Case Study: Polybond (Perth)

Case Study: Polybond (Perth)

Posted on 15/01/2014

BHP Building, City Square, Perth

HM&A Blinds were contracted to supply and fit the BHP Building, City Square, Perth. They chose Schlegel Polybond pile seals due to their superior UV qualities coupled with Schlegels quality reputation and fast turn around time.

The construction of the $500 million BHP Building office complex was started in 2008 and was completed in 2012. After the initial supply of pile blind seals disintegrated after just a few months of exposure to UV light, Schlegel Polybond seal was chosen due to its superior UV resistance.

Hugh Meagher from HM&A Blinds explained:

“Schlegel has a great reputation in the Australian / World market for quality and service, so when we needed a replacement product quickly we contacted them to discuss our requirements. We consequently ordered late December 2011 and they supplied 92 kilometres of Polybond seal for February 2012 to meet the project completion of March 2012.”

Schlegel Polybond pile seal is manufactured from siliconised polypropylene and was specified to ensure superior UV resistance, energy efficiency, acoustic performance and guard against dust, sand and insects.

Polybond seals are available in various colours to suit requirements, for this application we recommended to HM&A Blinds that for greater lifespan a black seal would be better suited
due to its higher UV capabilities.





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