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Countdown To AmesburyTruth Lockable!

Countdown To AmesburyTruth Lockable!

Posted on 3/06/2015

With the market in pretty good shape in 2015, it’s about maximising opportunities to grab growth and maybe take a bit of market share from our competitors.  At Schlegel we are pleased to say that good growth has come from our traditional sealing products, as well as our premium Truth hardware range.  

We are pleasantly surprised with the loyalty of customers to our iconic AmesburyTruth brand.  It’s a proven winner due to the quality, durability and its applications.  The demand certainly outweighed our expectations in the first full year, which is a great result!

Now, as the countdown begins to the AmesburyTruth ‘lockable’ launch at the end of June and we are looking forward to an even bigger demand for the AmesburyTruth brand of products in the second half of 2015.

The demand is starting! 
So be one of the first to appreciate the uniqueness of the AmesburyTruth ‘Lockable’ Operator

  • July 1, 2015 sees the launch of our new range of Lockable Casement & Awning Operators.
  • Designed to fit the current Encore platform the new handle and cover incorporates industry standard wafer locks and associated keyed alike options.
  • Standard Colour options available immediately
  • An added feature of the new zinc cast handle and cover is that we now have the ability to offer a colour match service particularly for project related (aluminium) enquiries.
  • Schlegel test facilities available to help you design your system.
  • Technical support available to ensure that quality installation.
  • Warranty 7 years (on fit for purpose applications)



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