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Kids Don't Fly: Schlegel light years ahead

Posted on 9/06/2016

Schlegel have a range of high quality restrictors and chain winders for window fall prevention.

The Bristol+ range of restrictors and friction stays were developed to comply with all Australian Standards.  They were cycle tested to 25,000 and above.  There are four restrictors that fit the requirements of the BCA National Construction Code that are within opening restrictions of 125mm.  It is safer to have a pair of restrictors so that at no point can a 125mm sphere pass through a window opening.  This is to ensure a child of 5 years or under may not accidently fall through a window.  A single point control device may twist, bow or flex to widen an area of a window where a child may fit through, however the Ambesbury Truth SafeGard for casement windows is only 101.6mm and is tested to withstand 250 newton force as per AS 5203 2016 Window Fall Prevention.  It also has a release mechanism as per the NSW Strata Schemes Management Act requirements.  Schlegel have a chain winder that has an inbuilt locking system.

Schlegel's fully certified technicians are accredited to conduct AS 4420 tests under the Australian Standards. Fall prevention tests are conducted in the mobile N.A.T.A. / S.A.A. Schlegel testing laboratories.

Please see brochures below for further information.  


                                                                                                                                  It's better to be safe


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