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Spiral Sash Balances

Spiral Sash Balances

Posted on 23/08/2013

Schlegel Spiral Sash Balances: ensuring easy sash operation

Schlegel design and manufacture an attractive and highly functional self-contained balancing device capable of maintaining the equilibrium of a sash window at any point in the travel of the sash.

Smooth and easy operation, in comparison to other methods of sash balancing, Schlegel sash balances are an ideal alternative to sash weights at a fraction of the cost. Spiral balance systems fit neatly into all building/reveal profiles and disregard the need for a box cavity therefore giving you a larger window opening.

The stainless steel spiral rod torsion and tension springs are made of high quality materials, giving long life to the spiral sash balances and years of trouble-free operation. We’ve been making spiral balances for windows for the past 40 years and believe our pride in the skills of our workforce is reflected in the quality of our output and dedication to continuous  improvement of our product.

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