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New Deflected T-lip Seal an alternative to replace pile

New Deflected T-lip Seal an alternative to replace pile

Posted on 24/05/2017

Schlegel are delighted to announce a new advanced slimline seal for minimal profiles.  Deflected T-lip seals perform in a wider range of gaps than pile seals and provide better performance and better efficiency.  There are four new Q-Lon deflected T-lip seals for aluminium and PVCu sliding profiles that are specifically designed to replace pile or as an alternative in sliding systems. 

Q-Lon and Aquamac foam seals provide the highest standard of sealing function even under extreme conditions.  The unique combination of materials offer technical performance unparralleled by any other weatherseal.  The hinged design of this new seal is intended to help reduce friction by deflecting the compression of the sash.


                                                                 bulb-seal-measurements-for-deflected-t-lip-seal-1---1495785717.jpg                        deflected-t-lip-seal-measurements-1---1495785750.jpg

                                                                   Q-lon Bulb Seal                     Deflected T-lip 4.8 width    


Product Code 4870 (4.8 mm T-slot, 7 mm height) & product code 48100 (10 mm height)

Product Code 6970 (6.9 mm T-Slot, 7 mm height) & product code 69100 (10 mm height)         


Schlegel Q-Lon Characteristics:

  • Industry leading memory - return to shape after compression
  • Low closing force + excellent compression recovery
  • PVC, TPE and EPDM seals harden over time and lose their ability to recover after compression - this leads to non-performance of the door and window
  • Excellent all round sealing performance
  • Paint and stain proof - properties unaffected by standard paints and stains
  • Stabilised - unaffected by rot, fungi, UV-light or ozone
  • Liner available in multiple colours and finishes
  • Unique manufacturing process
  • Tested to weatherseal for 20 years, lasts a lifetime
  • Controls - Manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 Quality Management 


                                             TYPICAL TEST DATA


                                                        typical-test-data-qlon-compression-1.jpg      typical-test-data-qlon-compression-2---1495697517.jpg



 * Long term memory tests have demonstrated that AQUAMAC is an effective and enduring weatherseal




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