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Schlegel WA - New phone number

Schlegel WA - New phone number

Posted on 23/04/2017

Schlegel strive to make positive changes to achieve best practice and continous improvement as a Quality Assured company. This occurs in every facet of our business so that all stakeholders especially customers enjoy results of our ongoing teamwork and collaboration.

We have upgraded our telephone system to a new digital network that is very exciting.  This required a change to the phone number of our Western Australian Office to: 61+ (0)8 9224 9624.

In terms of workplace safety we have upgraded our manufacturing plant and warehouse with new racking.  Recently our APAC Operations employees were recognised and congratulated for worldclass Occupational Health and Safety that is cause for celebration.

Through excellence in our Schlegel Giesse integration we have new global branding that has uplifted our corporate profile.  We have new signage at our APAC premises and you may have noticed new designer packaging and promotional materials.

      schlegel-giesse-new-warehouse-sign-may-news-2017---1495784050.jpg    giesse-screens-web-news-may-2017.jpg    new-packaging.jpg


We are implementing a new database and have introduced better processes and procedures to positively improve satisfaction for our customers.  On the whole we aim to grow from strength to strength and uphold the power of the Schlegel brand.   







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