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Extruded sealing profiles: multiple brands and solutions

Extruded sealing profiles: multiple brands and solutions

Posted on 12/06/2015

Schlegel have recently consolidated and simplified the large offer of extruded seals. Herewith we would like to inform you about the changes which involve the main product brands Poly-Bond, Lozaron, Nova-Seal and Q-Lon.

The total number of different extruded and combined seals is already over 120 and still increasing. Further brush pile, foam, colour and packaging options within this range offer our customers tremendous possibilities. From now on, the extruded range will be available split over 4 brands:

1. Poly-Bond (PB) extruded sealing profiles with brush pile

This range consists of different PP, PVC or ABS profiles which can be kerf or surface mounted. In many cases, the added brush pile is available in different heights and colours and may also be executed with fins for extra sealing. Typical applications can be found in sliding doors and windows. They are also used as air ventilation brushes.

2. Nova-Seal (NS) extrusion with incorporated foam

Nova-Seal is a PP/TPE extrusion that incorporates a unique closed cell polyurethane foam strip which offers a very high compression recovery. Different frame and sash solutions for timber windows and doors as well as dry glazing seals are available.

3. Q-Lon (QL) combination seal

Independent testing repeatedly shows that the flexible Q-Lon polyurethane foam seals offer the highest recovery known to the weather seal industry. A combination seal of a solid polypropylene profile with different Q-Lon shapes offers the additional installation benefit of an extrusion. The range, formerly marketed as MAOF, is suitable for timber windows with 3 mm grooves and comes in different rebate and foam sizes.

4. Lozaron extrusions

The remaining extrusions are made of foamed TPE, regular TPE, polypropylene, PVC or silicone. Each of these materials come with certain properties and advantages and find many different applications in all sorts of sectors.

For the window industry there are Lozaron TPE extrusions with flexible microcell foam (LF). The Lozaron TPE (LT) extruded profiles without foam have a more universal application. Typical solutions are for example offered for French (double) windows and doors. Lozaron PP (LP) and PVC (LV) extrusions come in many different forms and grades. The versatility of these materials meet the demands of many customers in the fenestration, as well as in the window covering, furniture, automotive and other industries. The very resilient Lozaron silicone (LS) seals are applied in entry doors.

Images and information of individual items can be found on the Schlegel website. A brochure with the extensive range will be available later. To see a group of items use the product filtering options on our website and add seals of your interest to your personal list.


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