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Website: extended and improved product filtering options

Website: extended and improved product filtering options

Posted on 15/06/2015

Schlegel provide sealing systems for many different industries and applications: brush pile seals, foam seals and extruded seals. With the growth of the online product range it was becoming more and more challenging to see which standard available solutions would be worth considering for a particular situation. It was therefore about time to provide our customers with a flexible product filtering tool which allows to make a pre-selection before contacting Schlegel experts for further advice.

The existing product filtering options on the Schlegel website have now been extended and improved. One can select various options and fill in dimensions to get to a key selection of possibly suitable seals.

Product Type: if you already know what you want, select your type of seal here, for example Extruded Seals filtertick.png

Application: select the category where the seal should be applied, for example Windows filtertick.png

Application Material: select the material in which the seal will be fitted, for example Timber filtertick.png

Assembly: select how the seal should be fitted, for example Manual Insert filtertick.png

Brand Range: select the product brand, for example Lozaron filtertick.png

Fitting type: select the groove type or universal surface fitting, for example Kerf filtertick.png

Operation: select whether the seal will be installed in a sliding or hinged product, for example Hinged filtertick.png

Now still more than 20 seals are available. Use the dimension options Groove, Rebate and Seal Gap to narrow down the suitable seals for your dedicated application. Add items to your list to group them together.

The information on the site is available 24/7 and will be updated regularly. We would like to welcome you to visit the site regularly to check all topically available standard options.

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